Tips for booking a hotel near disneyThe vacation season is coming to a close, which means it is a good time to find some great deals on travel! While unplanned adventure can be tempting at times, you could possibly miss out on some very important features and very unique experiences if you don’t plan ahead. You wouldn’t want to take a trip to Nevada and miss out on the state’s best kept secret: the colorfully beautiful Fly Geyser, right? What about finding the right hotel, in the right location, for the right price? Fear not, planning the best vacation for you and your travel companions can be a breeze if you follow these five tips for booking a hotel!

Use a credit card

Sure, no one likes to rack up more debt than they have to, but did you know that using your credit card when booking a hotel can actually save you money? Credit card companies offer perks and rewards for using your credit card, such as: airline miles, free night stays, cashback bonuses, and immediate refunds for any mischarges you may experience. Using a credit card can also save you from certain deposits the hotel may ask for upfront for customers who pay with their debit card. Ask your credit card company about their reward programs.

Watch out for hidden fees

Certain hotels may charge you fees that they don’t tell you about when booking online etc. These fees can often be a very unwanted surprise to those travelers who are looking to spend their travel money on adventuring. If you are being charged more than you were initially quoted, ask the front desk what the reason for the excess charges are before signing anything. Examples of extra fees include (but are not limited to): cleaning fees, resort fees, pool/spa fee, and processing fees. You should never have to pay any hidden fees, especially if these fees aren’t a reflection of a price you already agreed on.

Check reviews online

A great hotel should have nothing to hide, from before you check in to well after you checkout. While you are shopping for the right hotel online, make sure to read reviews from actual customers. This will give you the best idea of whether or not you want to spend your hard earned money at any particular establishment. The best hotels will always make sure their guests leave completely satisfied, especially in the digital age, where customer reviews are merely a click away.

Don’t wait till the last minute

Hotel rates can change very rapidly. Their price and availability is always subject to change based on the number of vacant rooms they have at any given time, and the number of rooms they expect to book in the near future. If you are planning your stay around a particular event that will attract any number of tourists to the area, make sure you’re an early bird getting the worm, and not a Procrastinating Paul. Room availability can shrink in a hurry and prices can skyrocket the closer you get to the date of the event. Make your reservations well in advance when you plan your trip or vacation.

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